Supply Chain Technology Built From Customer Experiences

Introducing a customer centric approach to global shipping to drive efficiency, engagement and transparency.

Orkestra Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) combines the multifold concept of end-to-end consulting and an innovative platform solution. The Orkestra global shipping platform eliminates the frustration of dealing with traditional freight forwarders plagued with aging technology, lack of visibility and control.

The Orkestra platform leverages AI, Blockchain and Pervasive IoT to introduce innovative solutions and achieve unparalleled visibility and control over global supply chains.

Through Orkestra's 4PL services, customers are able to leverage Orkestra's relationships with carriers and providers to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of their supply chains. Customers are able to dial into specific transportation information via the platform and gain the knowledge of customer-specified KPI's.

Okrestra SCS removes the complexities associated with the transportation and logistics industry, effectively enabling customers to make better decisions and essentially encourage cost savings.

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Orkestra combines the thoughtful and integral analysis of consulting with a customized, real-time visibility platform, and marries this with the execution of a 4PL logistics service.

At Orkestra, we pride ourselves on our deep, global logistics experience and our ability to provide customers with highly effective consulting recommendations and innovative technology solutions to revolutionize customer supply chains. Based on years of customer feedback and consultancy experience, we have established an ever-evolving platform built around customer issues and requests, resulting in a value chain platform.


Accountable Consulting

Our consultants and industry experts leverage data and technology to help customer's drive better performance as well as anticipate and overcome challenges. Consultants provide end-to-end supply chain analysis to identify opportunities for cost savings and give an approximate timeline to the expected ROI.

Our priority is to understand customer's current and continual business strategy in order to create customized solution designs whilst then working collaboratively to execute upon that strategy. Every solution is quantifiable with performance relentlessly measured and subsequently improved upon.

Orkestra consultants support customers in the implementation of tools and business rules in order to accomplish these refinements. As a client experiences growth, Orkestra provides long-term support to continuously improve upon the process. This ensures that Orkestra's recommendations not only reflect the quality of analysis but also supports the credibility of solutions.

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Customized & Dynamic Visibility Platform

Our priority is to understand customer's current and continual business strategy in order to create customized solution designs whilst then working collaboratively to execute upon that strategy.

Within our visibility platform lies an abundance of solutions that predict, prevent and encourage readiness when the unforeseen strikes, and presents this information as an all-in-one tool.

The platform uses IoT and AI to take into consideration impactful external elements such as weather, geo-economics, port strikes or container fee increases. With extensive visibility, supply chain glitches are spotted immediately and can be addressed quickly, helping to reduce unexpected costs.

This enables customers to mitigate the risks of unexpected events that damage customer experiences through scalable and dynamic systems. The platform is specifically designed to help customers make better decisions in real-time.

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Global Logistics Services

Orkestra takes customer solutions one step farther with the inclusion of 4PL services. This service empowers the customer to choose the logistics partner(s) without the overhead cost of a traditional freight forwarder.

Our partners are global and enable us to serve our customers through traditional means of transportation and logistics. Our robust services include, but are not limited to, air and ocean freight, ground transportation, warehousing and logistics as well as e-commerce support and final-mile distribution. Additional services, such as customs brokerage, are provided through our partners and monitored by our experienced Customer Expertise Teams.

Naturally, every shipment is fed into the platform and can be monitored in real-time.


An Experienced Team of Entrepreneurs, Global Supply Chain Experts, and Technologists

Heiner Murmann has more than 20 years experience in global logistics. As a member of the management board of DB Schenker, a top three global logistics company with revenues over 15 Billion Euros, he was directly responsibile for Global Air and Ocean Freight.

His focus centered around delivering high-value customer solutions to Fortune 500 companies, enterprise transformation and mergers and acquisition.

Heiner started Orkestra to remove unnecessary complexity created by legacy organizational structures and computer systems. He personally experienced how little proactive management, transparency and control there is for global air and ocean shippers.

As industry experts predict, logistics and global forwarding is about to experience substantial disruption. Heiner leverages his expertise to define a new era in logistics by creating a modern platform driven by logistics design thinking and technology. This repositions the customer at the helm!

Heiner is joined by a well-rounded team of experts and trusted advisors.

David has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, technology consultant, software engineer, and corporate leader. He is the founder of a leading software innovation firm based in Toronto, helping clients throughout Canada, the US and UK to create new digital products and modernize legacy systems. He has created solutions for dozens of start-ups, scale-ups, and large enterprises in a wide range of industries. He architected and built high performance, secure, resilient and self-healing systems for several large Canadian wireless telcos including carrier-grade provisioning systems and a prepaid platform with millions of customers and tens of millions of daily transactions. He lead teams that completely re-platformed systems used by a provincial transportation ministry, built a IoT-powered coal terminal management system, and re-architected a mission-critical system for a global logistics company.

David's current areas of focus include human-centered design, modern cloud architectures, dev-ops with Kubernetes for container orchestration, smart contracts on blockchain, and the use of advanced machine learning techniques for cognitive analytics and AI.

Anders Nordahl has more than 28 years of supply chain solutioning and strategic software design experience in global logistics, based out of Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and currently Singapore.

He has held key leadership portfolios including Global head of TMS and Regional Director of Customer Solutions at Kuehne+Nagel, Regional Director of Customer Solutions and lastly Global Head of Business Architecture at DB Schenker.

Throughout his career, he had led the development and deployment of global TMS / Order Management Solutions, Customer / Vendor integration, Labeling and Scanning solutions, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Supply Chain Analytics / Optimization.

With his end-to-end SCS experience and passion for creating best-in-class customer experience, he continues to push new frontiers and lead the rapid transformation of the global logistics tech scene.

Kevin Crawford

Director of Client Integrations

Maxim Pak

Director of Analytics and Business Operations


Architech is a leading software innovation firm based in Toronto, specializing in creating modern, cloud-native digital products that can help disrupt entire industries. Established in 2004, Architech has partnered with a wide range of start-ups, scales-ups, and enterprises in transportation and other industries, to create intelligent applications that connect people, systems, devices and data. Architech is ORKESTRA’s development partner and brings an expert team of design thinkers, data scientists, and world-class software engineers to create this innovative new smart shipping platform.

WEARTH is a company that began as The Carbon Farmer in 2007 and remains firmly rooted on a third generation family farm in northern Alberta. The co-founders, a husband and wife team, welcomed investment from Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon, through CBC Dragons' Den in 2012. Today, as a corporate (and citizen) social responsibility firm, with projects across Canada and internationally, they specialize in providing a variety of farm-direct ecosystem services.

WEARTH is home to carbon credits under the original Carbon Farmer® label, habitat restoration through Forest Farmer™ and organic grains via Vintage Farmer™. They are uniquely positioned to join ORKESTRA and their blockchain efforts, as each tree planted and each carbon credit certified is serialized alphanumerically and also shown virtually in branded online forests.


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